In the view of some people, the role of a substitute court clerk in court may be limited to, assisting the judge in the trial and noting the proceedings of the trial. However, if we examine and observe further, the task of a substitute registrar is quite decisive in a trial process, which in this case, to produce a quality decision to meet the sense of justice for the parties who proceed in court. Without the role of a substitute registrar in a trial, it will be quite difficult for the judge to make a judgment in the decision comprehensive court. Because, in the hands of a substitute registrar, the role of judges is greatly helped by the role of the surrogate registrar to compile a good judgment judgment.

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Speaking of substitute registrars, of course we cannot let go of an explanation of the main duties and functions of the surrogate registrars, which as is known, the functions of the surrogate registrars themselves are as follows.

  1. Implementation of the conference preparation preparation;
  2. Implementation of the recording of the trial process;
  3. Implementation of news conference news organization;
  4. Implementation of chronological / sequential file consolidation;
  5. Implementation of file storage until things are decided and mutated;
  6. Implementation of delivery of case files that have been forwarded to the Young Clerk in accordance with the type of matter to be forwarded to the Legal Secretary, and there are additional duties such as;
  7. Implementation of other tasks assigned by the leader.

In this case, the author tries to highlight the last point in the main task above, namely the implementation of other tasks given by the leadership, especially the tasks given by the leadership to the surrogate clerks as information and complaints officers within the Malang District Religious Court.