Our Practice Area

The Indonesia Legal Network serves your needs in business and places the law as a strategic part to increase the growth and sustainability of your business. We will assist you in making a decision.

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

The Indonesia Legal Network recommends the local litigation advisor that is most appropriate for you and acts as a special intermediary advisor throughout the course of the case.

We play an important role in optimizing communication between the client and the client’s local litigation advisor, helping to prepare and explain the documents needed, and minimize delays, confusion, and repetition of work.

Antitrust & Competition Law

The Indonesia Legal Network provides advice on government procurement regulations, labeling and packaging requirements, handling of hazardous materials and other environmental legal requirements.

We also help you in relation to fraudulent trading practices and competition legal restrictions and represent clients before the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU).

Energy and Mining

The Indonesia Legal Network provides the best advice to foreign investors in the mining sector, and follows the development of mining regulations that drastically change the investment climate.

We handle all company affairs, the environment, employment, mining rights, taxes, contract negotiations and dispute resolution for energy, mining and other natural resource clients, as well as representing lenders in mining funding projects.

Tax Law

The Indonesia Legal Network applies its knowledge in the field of law and tax policy determined by the Director General of Taxes to find the most tax-friendly tax solution for all types of transactions, both for companies or individuals. We assess the tax implications of complex business and investment structures and real estate acquisitions and other transactions.


Indonesia is characterized by dynamic labor conditions. In 2004, the country completed its labor law reform program through the enactment of Law no. 2 concerning Settlement of Industrial Relations Disputes.

In addition, Indonesia is the first country in Asia and the fifth in the world to ratify all ILO core conventions. Since becoming a member of the ILO in 1950, Indonesia has ratified 18 conventions – eight core conventions, eight general conventions, and two other convent

Company Problems

Company law contains imperative and non-imperative provisions for properly establishing and managing a company. In connection with the establishment of a company, corporate law requires minimum capital and ministerial approval. In managing a company, company law provides a series of guidelines for recording company documents, conducting annual and exceptional meeting and reporting obligations. Furthermore, company law also determines procedures for carrying out corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and so on.

Failure to comply with these provisions and guidelines will damage the company. Because the company will be subject to several sanctions ranging from warnings to the dissolution of the company.

Investment and Capital Market

Due to the large number of industries and business sectors available in Indonesia, to invest in Indonesia, investors must cooperate with several government agencies outside the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board in accordance with the business sector of their business. For some business sectors, foreign investment is limited and even limited. Some also require investors to get technical recommendations.

Foreign investors usually invest in existing companies in addition to setting up their own in Indonesia. Foreign Investors establishing representative offices to conduct research, supervise and coordinate the business of their parent companies abroad are also commonly found in Indonesia.

Food and Drinks

Special food and beverage franchises, based on the records of one of the Association franchises in Indonesia, the food sector is one of the biggest contributors in the circulation of the franchise business turnover in Indonesia. In order to intensify franchise development in Indonesia, the government is trying to provide legal certainty by issuing a number of legal regulations relating to franchising. Noted since 1997, Indonesia has arranged franchises with Government Regulation No. 16 of 1997 concerning franchising, and because franchising has rapid growth, rather than the government changing regulations with Government Regulation No. 42 of 2007 in the franchise.

Real Estate

The Indonesia Legal Network advises developers, borrowers and lenders on all types of real estate transactions including transfers.

We have experience in negotiating and drafting leases in all sizes and levels of complexity, and can help clients coordinate major real estate acquisitions for hotel development, industrial use and infrastructure projects that often involve intensive agreements with government representatives, land offices and local communities at various levels.


The Indonesia Legal Network provides clients with input regarding the 2009 Environmental Law and its impact on their business, especially on their criminal and civil liability, and its relation to the transfer (sale or purchase) of assets such as land and environmental problems that may occur in the future.

We also provide input on the Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL), as well as all matters related to hazardous and toxic waste.


The Indonesia Legal Network has experience in civil litigation, arbitration and the handling of the Indonesian national police in criminal investigations and complaints. In certain situations, ILN will recommend the involvement of Indonesian external litigators which depends on the nature of the case or the parties involved.

Then our role can be described as a lawyer because we manage and support the litigator in consultation with our clients. Our foreign advisors, with their extensive local knowledge, play an important role in bridging the communication gap between foreign clients, the principles and objectives of the law involved, and understanding local litigation about the main aspects of this case

Risk & Compliance Management

We review clients’ operational activities, carry out due diligence of their procedures, identify problems and provide recommendations for policies and operational activities in accordance with the Indonesian Corruption Law (ICL) and, if required U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and similar laws in other jurisdictions.

Shipping & Logistics

The Indonesia Legal Network is involved in resolving issues of sabotage, and foreign investment and ownership implications for shipping companies in the natural resources sector and is involved in several important procurement projects for floating production units and floating storage facilities.

We act as advisors to several foreign multinational shipping companies or joint ventures operating in Indonesia and assist them in all aspects of operations and licensing, including providing assistance and advice regarding the formation of joint venture companies; opening a representative office; purchase and sale of vessels; and seized mortgage loans that benefit our lenders or banking clients.

Technology and Information

The Indonesia Legal Network represents clients in the telecommunications sector, preparing agreements for the supply, licensing and technical support and development of IT and other technologies. We have extensive experience in the development of the e-commerce industry and its highly changing regulatory realm.

We advise clients on the installation and supply of communications and supporting equipment for telecommunications projects in Indonesia.